How to Fix My PC if It Won't Read Chinese Software?

Answer In a Windows 7 environment, it is possible to set the language. When it is set, all menus, file names, shortcuts and so on will be displayed in the new language. Windows 7 lets you install a variet... Read More »

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How to Read Chinese?

According to the U.S. State Department's ranking of language difficulty, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most challenging languages for a native English speaker to master. However, although the unfa... Read More »

Why wont my computer read any discs?

Why wont my mac read my android tablet?

It does not look like there is a iOS utility for it to dock with your computer. Call ASUS and see if there is a work around or a download.

Why wont my videos play on my Kodak software?

I had a similar problem with my nikon coolpix s550. very simple fix really... the card was originally formatted as FAT32. What i had to do is format it as ntfs then when i inserted it into the phon... Read More »