How to Fix Motorcycle Flat Tires?

Answer Fixing a flat tire on a motorcycle isn't as scary as you might think. With the right tools and a little preparation, it can be about as easy as fixing a flat on a bicycle tire. That can save you ... Read More »

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Can you replace run flat tires on a BMW with regular tires?

BMW does not recommend that run flat tires be replaced with regular tires. A BMW that has run flat tires has had its braking and suspension set in order to accommodate run flat tires. Replacing the... Read More »

How to Install Run Flat Tires?

Run-flat technology for tires originated in 1892, when a patent for an anti-puncture tire was requested. After many years of testing and perfecting the technology of anti-puncture and run-flat tir... Read More »

Who makes run flat tires?

Good Year, Bridgestone and Kumho are all manufacturers of types of run flat tires. These tires offer temporary assistance by holding the weight of the automobile after the tire is punctured so that... Read More »

How do run flat tires work?

Run flat tires are relatively new tires that can allow a driver to get to a service station without repairing the tire on the side of the road. These tires do not deflate instantly when punctured.F... Read More »