How to Fix Missing Teeth on a Zipper?

Answer If you are considering throwing away your favorite pair of pants because the zipper is broken, then you may want to take a few moments to learn of some fast and cheap alternatives that will allow y... Read More »

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How can I grow my missing teeth?

I can't give you practical advice, but I want to support your intention. I see your urge to grow your teeth as an outside manifestation of your essential being to grow beyond the limitation of the ... Read More »

How to Replace Missing Teeth?

A beautiful, healthy smile is available for all. Do not let missing teeth ruin your confidence or health. Cosmetic dental procedure makes it possible to replace a missing tooth. There are many reas... Read More »

How many teeth do you have missing (not including wisdoms)?

How to Calculate the Decayed, Missing & Filled Teeth Index Ratio?

The decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT) index is used to describe the prevalence of dental decay in adults. The index includes an individual's number of decayed, missing and filled permanent t... Read More »