How to Fix Micro Bubbles in Clear Coat?

Answer After painting a vehicle and finishing it with clear coat paint, it is difficult to see any imperfections until the paint has dried completely. Once the base and clear coat paint have dried, micro ... Read More »

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How to Repair Clear Coat Bubbles?

It can be disheartening when repainting your automobile to see bubbles in your final stage of applying the clear coat. After all the work you put into sanding, primer and paint, it is all too easy ... Read More »

How to Scuff Old Clear Coat to Apply New Clear Coat?

Reapplying new clear coat to a car or boat results in a shiny new finish that protects the paint beneath. Before you can apply the new coating, you must remove the shiny finish from the old surface... Read More »

Auto Base Coat/Clear Coat Painting Techniques?

Painting cars is not for beginners with no knowledge of automotive paint techniques, but it can be done well if you have at least some experience doing paint and body work. The main techniques for ... Read More »

How to Prep a Vehicle Surface for a Clear Base Coat & Top Coat?

Prepping a vehicle's surface is one of the most important steps in painting a car. If the vehicle's surface is not prepared correctly, even the best paint job won't look good. Paint must lay on top... Read More »