How to Fix Loose Battery Cables?

Answer A car that is not starting properly or starts with difficulty often leads a car owner to jump to the conclusion that the battery needs to be replaced. Many times the battery is not the root cause o... Read More »

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Why Do Battery Cables Corrode?

Corroded battery cables don't just look bad under your hood - corroded cables also limit the amount of current flowing to and from the battery. That doesn't only make it harder for your battery to ... Read More »

How to Repair Battery Cables in a Car?

Over time, the cables to your vehicle's battery corrode. Unreliable connections to the starter system may be the result of this corrosion. Maintaining the power system of your electrical components... Read More »

How to Connect Battery Cables?

Many situations require you to connect a battery cable. Three such examples follow.

How to Tighten Battery Cables?

A tight connection between your battery cables and the positive and negative posts of your automobile's battery is essential to insure proper starting of your vehicle. A loose battery connection ca... Read More »