How to Fix Laptop Speakers?

Answer Laptops are a technological wonder, especially when you consider that 45 years ago the smallest computers needed an entire room and an army of people to make the machines work. Nowadays we can take... Read More »

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When i plug my speakers into my laptop, the sound still plays out of my laptop, not my speakers.?

How to Boost Laptop Speakers?

Laptops come with most of the peripherals a desktop computer uses built in. Audio speakers are one of these peripherals. Laptop speakers are typically located near the base of the monitor around th... Read More »

Connecting big speakers to a laptop. How?

You need a stereo amplifier.You can buy a stereo amplifier from any hi-fi dealer.

How to Project Laptop Speakers?

All laptops are built with internal speakers, but these cannot project sound the way external speakers can. When you want to listen to music, watch videos, or play games you may want to hook the la... Read More »