How to Fix Impellers on Boat Motors?

Answer Most stern-drive and outboard motor engines use a rubber impeller inside of a pump housing to drive water under pressure through the engine system. The pump impeller has flex blades like a vane tha... Read More »

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What Causes Impellers to Go Out in Boat Engines?

An impeller mechanically pulls water into a jet-boat engine or jet-pump, rather than using a propeller to push the boat through the water. While propellers are prone to damage, impellers have an ev... Read More »

How to Soundproof Inboard Boat Motors?

A boat equipped with an inboard motor may have more power and faster acceleration than an outboard-equipped vessel. The inboard may be noisier too. This is because most fiberglass boats do not have... Read More »

How to Winterize Fuel-Injected Sterndrive Boat Motors?

Your sterndrive boat motor must be winterized before storing it during the off-season. A sterndrive is often referred to as an inboard outboard. The outside part of the engine is called the sterndr... Read More »

How do I clean soap scum& lime build-up on hot tub impellers?

Use White VinegarExamine the fill line of the hot tub water, making sure all tub jet openings are underneath the water line. Add additional water if needed until all jet openings are submerged, and... Read More »