How to Fix Hot Spots in an LCD TV Screen?

Answer Hot spots, also known as hot pixels, are common LCD TV problems that you can fix yourself. LCD screens are made up of hundreds of thousands of pixels and each pixel is made up of three color cells-... Read More »

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How Can I Fix Spots on My Laptop Screen?

Over time, you may notice spots appearing on your laptop screen. This problem can annoyingly interrupt web browsing, watching videos and more. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot this issue with just... Read More »

How do you get the spots off a tv caused by magnets to the screen?

On the contrary, you CAN damage the tube by applying a magnet to the screen. It will permanently warp the shadow mask.

I have little bright green spots on my computer screen.?

Are you using a laptop or desktop? If you are on a laptop, plug it in to an external moniter. If it appears there than it my be a card issue, if not then it is just your laptop screen. If on a desk... Read More »

How to Remove Water Spots on My DLP Screen With a Blow Dryer?

DLP television manufacturers recommend cleaning the screen with a damp cloth and not spraying liquids directly on the screen. One of the reasons for this recommendation is that the screen is made u... Read More »