How to Fix Hair Breakage for Black People's Hair?

Answer African American hair is often exposed to hair relaxers, which unfortunately contain harmful chemicals. This can lead to hair breakage. It's virtually impossible to mend breakage, but you can take ... Read More »

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How to Straighten Black Hair Without Breakage?

The key to straightening black hair without causing the hair to break off is to allow the new, unrelaxed hair to grow out for at least 6 to 8 weeks, according to "Beautiful Black Hair: Real Solutio... Read More »

Natural Cures for Breakage of Black Hair?

Black, or African, hair exhibits unique qualities, such as curliness and coarseness. These qualities may cause vulnerabilities in the strength and vitality of the hair. For example, curls imply a g... Read More »

How to Straighten Black Peoples' Hair?

Because black people's hair is kinkier, it is difficult for the oil secreted by the scalp to get to the ends of the hair. It is fragile, and the structure of the hair is prone to breakage. The most... Read More »

How to stop hair thinningnot hair fall due to breakage.?

eat healthy food ...especially a handful of dry nuts daily do a lot to hair... and have regular exercise and get your hair trimmed for every 3 months.... try warm oil massages if your hair is dry. ... Read More »