How to Fix Grass That I Burned With Fertilizer in the Northeast?

Answer Cool season grass types are the predominant type of grass that is grown in the Northeast. Because of the low temperatures and short growing season, cool season grasses are commonly used to provide ... Read More »

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How do I fix grass I burned with fertilizer?

WaterInspect your burned grass. If you see dry fertilizer granules where fertilizer spilled, vacuum the granules up or rake them into nearby grass. This thins out the remaining fertilizer. Water th... Read More »

The Best Time to Plant Grass Seed in the Northeast?

Individuals in the Northeast have three timing options for planting grass seed. The best option is late summer or early fall, followed by late fall and then early spring. Does this ... Read More »

Will st. augustine grass grow in northeast georgia?

St. Augustine grass is a warm season, shade-tolerant grass that is susceptible to winter injury. It is recommended for areas with mild winters. Plant St. Augustine only as far north in Georgia as A... Read More »

How do I care for burned grass?

WateringSoak the grass with water immediately. As soon as you notice the burn, apply water to the grass to wash away the nitrogen which caused the burn. Turn the sprinklers on high and apply as muc... Read More »