How to Fix Fuel Gauges?

Answer The fuel gauge is a very important part of your automobile that is located on the instrument cluster. The gauge will indicate when the vehicle will need to be refueled. There are several different ... Read More »

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How to Fix the Fuel & Temp Gauges on a Nissan?

Sitting by the side of the road in your Nissan with no gas or an overheated engine when your gauges are still saying everything is fine is no one's idea of a good day. Since most driver's become aw... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Auto Fuel Gauges?

Auto fuel gauges display fuel level through varying voltages relative to fuel level. Varying the voltage is the job of the fuel-sending unit in the fuel tank. The fuel-sending unit is similar to th... Read More »

How to Use A/C Gauges?

Working on cars requires a lot of knowledge and expertise when it comes to maintaining certain parts of your car. If you are having A/C trouble in your car, you will need to use an A/C gauge to fin... Read More »

Top 3 Gauges to Add to a Car?

All cars have gauges; you're probably most familiar with the gas gauge and the speedometer on your car. The best additional gauges to have on any car are the tachometer, voltmeter and temperature g... Read More »