How to Fix Freeze Plugs?

Answer Freeze out or expansion plugs allow room for expansion should the coolant inside the engine freeze. Using straight water or the improper mixture of water and coolant will cause the plugs to rust fr... Read More »

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What Are Freeze Plugs?

Freeze plugs, also known as core or frost plugs, prevent coolant from leaking from your car. Freeze plugs are very important when it comes to the maintenance of a car, especially in warmer climates... Read More »

How to Replace Freeze Plugs?

Freeze plugs are expansion units inserted into the sides of engine blocks. Freeze plugs protect against damage incurred to the engine resulting from freezing. The plugs respond to a possible freeze... Read More »

How to Remove Freeze Plugs?

A freeze plug, also known as an expansion plug, is installed in a vehicle's liquid-cooled engine block to protect against damage to the block by freezing. If the coolant is diluted excessively by w... Read More »

How to Install Freeze Plugs?

The installation of freeze plugs can be a fairly simple task. There are very few steps and minimal effort involved. This is a useful skill to have because regular maintenance on your car's freeze... Read More »