How to Fix Ford Ranger Pickup Windows?

Answer The windows on a Ford Ranger are made of glass and designed to slide up and down through channels bolted to the inside of the door frame. If the glass panes on your Ranger have shattered or been sm... Read More »

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Ford Ranger Pickup Troubleshooting?

The Ford Ranger has been manufactured every year since 1983. The small pickup is designed for fuel economy and light duty applications. It is manufactured in two and four-wheel drive versions and i... Read More »

How to Bleed the Clutch on a Ford Ranger Pickup?

Bleeding a clutch properly removes all the air from the clutch line. You want to remove the air through the master cylinder at the top of the clutch system rather than through the bottom by pumping... Read More »

How big is the gas tank in a 2003 Ford Ranger pickup?

The gas capacity of the 2003 Ford Ranger XL and XLT models ranges from 16.5 gallons to 20 gallons, while the gas tank in the Edge models holds 16.5 gallons to 19.5 gallons. The 2003 Ford Ranger Tre... Read More »

How to Remove the Fuel Filter From a Ford Ranger Pickup?

The fuel filter on your Ford Ranger pickup truck helps to clean the fuel before it enters the engine. Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation or moisture to form on the inside of the tank, ... Read More »