How to Fix Fender Rust Holes?

Answer Fender rust is caused by the oxidation of a car's steel due to water exposure. Rust can be extremely corrosive and, in some instances, can eat right through a fender. Resulting fender holes can be ... Read More »

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How to Fix Fender Rust?

Rust is a common problem on cars and trucks, especially on front and rear fenders. These areas are highly susceptible to rust because they take a lot of bumps, scrapes and dents that expose the un... Read More »

How to Repair Rust on a Fender Well?

Fender wells, also known as wheel wells, are prone to serious rust stains. The Second Chance Garage website explains that often, insufficient drain holes allow water to settle in the wells, leading... Read More »

How to Fix Fender Rust Out Spots?

Rust spots can develop over time on your car, and they can prove to be a bigger problem than just making it unattractive. You should get rid of any rust spots on your fenders before the rust eats a... Read More »

How to Fix Fender Rust Out Spots on a Honda?

Having rust spots on your Honda can not only make it less attractive, but can increase in size over time and eat through the metal of the car. Fixing a rust spot requires more than just scraping of... Read More »