How to Fix Engine Oil Leaks?

Answer Engine leaks are bad for your car, bad for your wallet and bad for the environment. The steps to take to stop them are easy.

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How to Check for Oil Leaks in Your Engine?

You should check your car for oil leaks immediately after you change the oil. It's also a good idea to check for leaks periodically. Repairing a small leak could ward off bigger problems later. Mot... Read More »

How to Use Engine Dye to Find Oil Leaks?

Sometimes when you are sure your engine is leaking, it can be nearly impossible to find the leak. You might see the evidence on your driveway, but not know where exactly the leak has sprung from. I... Read More »

How to Stop Engine Oil Leaks?

Although an engine oil leak is a common problem faced by a car owner at least once in his lifetime, it is not something that you as a car owner should ignore. Engine oil is essential for the smooth... Read More »

Additives to Stop Engine Leaks?

Engine oil in your car serves the purpose of lubricating the engine so the pistons can more easily drive your crankshaft. Leaking oil not only is costly, but it can be dangerous as well. The oil le... Read More »