How to Fix Dull Digging Tools?

Answer Many gardeners and yard enthusiasts' favorite digging tools become dull with repeated use. The edges of these tools can also become nicked with a lot of digging, but it is possible to save these to... Read More »

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Ditch Digging Tools?

Digging a ditch is a chore endured by many homeowners who discover a need for constructing a lawn irrigation system. Ditches, or trenches, must be dug throughout the lawn to provide a pathway for s... Read More »

Tools for Digging Out a Crawl Space?

The crawlspace of a home is the space between the concrete foundation of a house and the ground. In many homes, the foundation consists of concrete walls, meaning the crawlspace consists of bare di... Read More »

Tips for Digging a Dry Well?

Dry wells are parts of drainage systems. They help hold and channel excess water, reduce soil erosion and protect plants and turf from saturation. Some soils, like heavy clay and compacted soil, be... Read More »

How to Stop a Dog from Digging?

Dogs dig for many reasons including:Inherent behavior for hiding food and other reasons.They are bored.They are going after a rodent in the groundIt feels physically good to them.To find moisture o... Read More »