How to Fix Droopy Fairing on Mirrors?

Answer The fairing on a motorcycle mirror is the piece of plastic that attaches to the motorcycle frame and holds up the mirror. If the fairing cracks or breaks, the mirror will droop and sag. Eventually,... Read More »

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What kind of mirrors are security mirrors made with?

Security mirrors, sometimes referred to as safety mirrors, are created using convex or domed shaped mirrors. The convex shape provides a 160-degree wide viewing angle while the domed mirror can pro... Read More »

Why Are Convex Mirrors Used As Rearview Mirrors?

Anyone who has sat in the driver's or passenger's seat in a car has probably noticed the tiny wording, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear," that runs along the bottom of the passenger-s... Read More »

How to Add Convex Mirrors to Sideview Mirrors?

Adding convex mirrors to your side view mirrors widens your visual range. The most popular reason for installing convex mirrors is to see around a trailer you are hauling with your car or truck. Fo... Read More »

How to Fix a Droopy Car Roof?

The glue that adheres the fabric to the roof of your car becomes weak over time and eventually the fabric will start to sag. This problem is extremely annoying and can be a safety hazard, depending... Read More »