How to Fix Dried Out Nail Polish?

Answer If you have old bottles of nail polish that you are considering replacing, instead save some money by restoring the polish. Over time nail polish becomes thick and dry, which makes it difficult to ... Read More »

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How to Get Dried Nail Polish Out of a Couch?

Tackle a nail polish stain as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining to your sofa. If the nail polish has dried, you can still remove the polish and the color stain. But the procedure require... Read More »

How can I remove dried-in nail polish from clothes?

You will have to soak the stain long enough for the polish to dissolve. To do this, saturate a cotton ball with polish remover or acetone (most or all fingernail polishes are acetone based). The... Read More »

Removing Dried Nail Polish From Grout?

Grout is a multipurpose product used to seal joints between tiles and is composed of water and a mixture of fine substrates, including cement and sand. The material is porous by nature, and if left... Read More »

Removing Dried Nail Polish From Leather?

If you spill nail polish on your leather sofa or other leather item, it's imperative to remove the polish before the stain dries. If the polish does dry, it becomes more difficult, but not impossib... Read More »