How to Fix Ditch Erosion?

Answer Ditch erosion is a major headache for cities and towns as ditches perform the important task of draining water away from roads. This is an essential task as water can not only wreak havoc on the ac... Read More »

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A child I know had meningitis as a baby. He has had several operations for growth plates in his legs. Hes now been diagonsed with acid erosion of the teeth. Can meningitis cause acid erosion in teeth?

No, anything that happens after several years of the person having meningitis is not in any way connected to meningitis, the acid erosion could be down to the diet he has if it is high in acidity, ... Read More »

How to Get a Car Out of a Ditch?

Entering a ditch you're unable to exit is cause for a really bad day. Almost all motorists will have to get a car out of a ditch at one time or another, whether the car is stuck in mud, snow or jus... Read More »

How do I tow a car out of a ditch?

Removing a Car From a DitchAttach tow chains to the underside of the car in the ditch. Hook the other end of the chains over the hitch on the back of the truck or car you intend to tow with. Shift ... Read More »

How to Get Your Car Out of a Ditch During a Blizzard?

It can be a real struggle to free your car from a ditch in any conditions, let alone a blizzard. Gale-force winds, driving snow and freezing temperatures make the task much more difficult. The key ... Read More »