How to Fix Dim Headlights?

Answer Car headlights don't typically just blow and wink out the way that household lights do when they burn out -- they slowly dim to the point that they become effectively useless. This facet of headlig... Read More »

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How do I Change Car Headlights to Automatic Headlights?

Manufacturers have installed automatic headlights on cars for several decades. Originally offered on expensive models, they have since become commonplace. New cars are equipped with electronic modu... Read More »

Are motorcycle headlights the same as car headlights?

Motorcycle headlights are not as powerful as automobile headlights. They are dimmer and produce little output. Riders can alter motorcycles for additional or stronger road illumination through cust... Read More »

How to Aim Headlights?

Aim headlights to get the best visibility for night driving, without blinding the oncoming drivers. Proper vision is one of the keys to driving safety. Headlight adjustments can be compromised by a... Read More »

How to Fix Car Headlights?

A process of elimination is used to fix car headlights. It's like a trial and error situation--try one thing to see if it is the cause, and if that's not it, try another and another, until you are ... Read More »