How to Fix Dents With a Slide Hammer?

Answer Dents can be repaired in multiple ways, but the only sure way to repair any dent, no matter the depth or size, is to use a slide hammer. A slide hammer is also called a dent puller and is used by e... Read More »

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How to Remove Dents With an Air Hammer?

Small dents can mar your car's appearance but you have the ability to remove them. You can use a hammer to lightly beat minor dents out, and an air hammer will speed your work and give you better c... Read More »

How to Hammer Out Dents in a Chrome Bumper?

The bumper on a car is a safety device that cushions the impact of a collision. Since it is the part of the car most likely to come in contact with a solid surface, it may get a bump from time to ... Read More »

Slide Hammer Uses?

Slide hammer is not a hammer, but is a tool that helps to pull bearings and bolts out of vehicles, parts that are hard to pull in the car. The hammer also helps to fix car dents. The handle, weight... Read More »

What Is a Slide Hammer Used for?

The slide hammer is a very specialized tool that has several different uses for repairing an automobile. This sliding weight tool can be used by a body repairman or someone pulling apart the inner ... Read More »