How to Fix Data Execution Prevention (Dep) With Windows Vista?

Answer Modern computer processors provide hardware support for various security measures such as Data Execution Prevention (DEP). DEP keeps viruses and spyware out by preventing security attacks where the... Read More »

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How to Transfer Data to a New Computer With Windows Vista?

To transfer data from Windows Vista to a new computer installed with Windows 7, you can set up the network and workgroup capabilities to share files stored on the old computer's hard drive. After p... Read More »

How do I recover Windows Vista data from a recovery drive?

Open Backup and Restore CenterClick on the "Start" button and choose the option for "Search". Type the text "restore" into the search box and click "OK". Click on the "Backup and Restore Center" ic... Read More »

"Data Manager has stopped working". Windows Vista problem?

seems to be related to external storagesuch as seagte hard drive or some sort of mobile device with storage on maybe its looking for some mobile device and its not there** please be aware tha... Read More »

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