How to Fix Dark Circles & Baggy Eyes?

Answer Dark circles and bags under the eyes are common blemishes, but are not so easy to fix. For some people, baggy eyes are simply genetic. For most, though, they are caused by dehydration, stress, poor... Read More »

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Tips on Dark Circles Under Eyes & Puffy Eyes?

Dark circles and puffy eyes can affect both men and women, however women tend to have more concerns with this problem. There are treatments to help rid yourself of dark circles and eye puffiness, i... Read More »

What do you do if you have dark circles around your eyes?

and glasses which are not so commonly known.…If you would like to apply home remedies to reduce dark circles, here are some of my suggestions:Buy a box o... Read More »

What Gets Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Dark circles under the eye--bags, as they're sometimes called--can create a stressed, over-worked appearance that is often perceived as aesthetically unpleasant. Caused by pooled fluids under the e... Read More »

Get Rid of Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes can be caused by a number of reasons. Determining what may be causing them and correcting that problem may be all that is needed for them to disappear. Once the problem... Read More »