How to Fix DNS Servers?

Answer Fixing your DNS server settings allows you to restore or improve your Internet connectivity. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) maintains DNS servers, or name servers, which convert Uniform Resou... Read More »

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How to Set Vista to Use NTP Servers?

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides you with a way to sync your Windows Vista clock settings with a central server. The central server can be on your local network or on the Internet. You set ... Read More »

What are dns servers?

they tell you computer where to find a web page...For instance means nothing to a computer without a DNS server that tells it to go to an IP address such as Essentially it... Read More »

The History of Web Servers?

Tim Berners-Lee, a Swiss physicist with CERN laboratories, developed the very first web server in December 1990. This was not the worldwide web that it is today. It only served between buildings an... Read More »

How to Upload to FTP Servers?

The File Transfer Protocol or FTP is a method of transferring files over a network, such as a home network or the Internet. Files can be uploaded to, or downloaded from, an FTP server using an FTP... Read More »