How to Fix Crumbling Chimney Mortar?

Answer Brick is a sturdy, long-lasting building material. However, the mortar that holds bricks together, a mixture of cement and sand, can weaken and crumble. Repairing the crumbling mortar before the br... Read More »

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How to Mortar a Chimney?

Chimney brick is strong and resistant to change, but many winters of cold snow, springs of pounding rain and summers of baking heat do take their toll. Mortar, the substance that holds bricks toget... Read More »

What is the masonry mortar mix ratio for type N mortar?

1:3ish Use for non-load application. Mix with sand to produce a mortar for bricks and blocks. Mix proportions by weight for TYPE N Mortar- 10 kg Masonry Cement - 35 kg Sand

How to Fix Crumbling Concrete?

Crumbling concrete is not just unsightly, it may also be a sign of serious damage beneath the structure. Address the problem as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading or causing other damage... Read More »

Crumbling Nail Tips?

Women often like to pamper their nails, but both sexes should take regular steps to ensure the health of both their finger- and toenails. Not only do diseased nails look unattractive, but by adopti... Read More »