How to Fix Color Separation on a Projection Television?

Answer A blurry picture or poor color display on your projection TV are symptoms of a color separation issue. This usually occurs after the TV has been moved. The picture tube's blue, red and green colors... Read More »

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How do you access the color grid of a Sony KP-43HT20 rear projection television?

There are three color projection tubes in this puppy. Which one you gonna play with? All three have a control grid in them. One can't help but wonder why someone would want to do this....To access ... Read More »

Problem with RCA P52950 52 in. Rear Projection Television?

if a lamp went out its not even worth it to fix it they are kind of expensive to replace just get a new tv but before you do make sure the wires out back didn't come loose if your using component c... Read More »

What is so great about a projection television I have an opportunity to purchase a 52 inch for 600 dollars.?

they are affordable and not as easily broken as plasma screens. Go to an electronics store and see how they look. Also check how lights in the store reflect off the screen, you don't want one tha... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Intermittent Shutdown on a Mitsubishi Rear Projection Television?

Mitsubishi rear projection televisions have protection circuits that shut the television down to prevent damage in the event of power fluctuations or unusual signals. The televisions also have slee... Read More »