How to Fix Cold Start Problems on an Audi TT?

Answer Due to the drop in ambient temperature and changes in humidity that cold weather can bring, your Audi TT may experience problems trying to start up in cold weather. Troubleshooting the cause of the... Read More »

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How to Fix a Cold Start Rough Running Audi TT?

Due to the drops in temperature and fluctuations in humidity when the cold winter weather comes, you may experience issues trying to start your Audi TT's engine. Finding out what's causing these ig... Read More »

Problems With My Audi TT Exhaust Manifold?

Like any other car on the road, the Audi TT features an exhaust manifold that routes the combusted gases from the engine to the exhaust system's piping, and eventually out of the muffler. A number ... Read More »

Audi A4 Timing Belt Problems?

In 2007 a class action lawsuit alleged that Audi knowingly concealed knowledge that their timing belts systems, including those on Audi A4s made between 2000 and 2003 (and possible other years) wer... Read More »

Audi Coil Pack Problems?

With multiple recalls over the years, the coil packs in Audi vehicles are known to have serious issues due to manufacturer defects. In many cases, Audi will replace faulty coil packs at no charge.