How to Fix Clothes That Shrunk in the Dryer?

Answer If you are like most people, you have experienced this frustrating laundry mishap. After doing a load of laundry, you accidentally throw a clothing item in the dryer that was never meant to be drie... Read More »

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Clothes shrunk in the wash. Anything I can do about it Or is it time for a new wardrobe?

Yep.. new ones for your wardrobe.Next time you do laundry, I suggest you read the labels thoroughly. Unless you're a shop-aholic, lol ;-)

If the heating element is burned out on a clothes dryer does the dryer still pull 240V while running?

You will still have 240V going to the element itself it just won't be causing the element to heat up. Make sure the dryer is unplugged, take the back off the dryer and pull the element out. It's us... Read More »

This is good, it concerns a dryer, as in clothes dryer with woodchips?

Clean the filter first and then run it again to see what happens.As long as the chips haven't got into the drive mechanism it should be OK.Failing that, it could be a complete strip down.............. Read More »

Why do clothes pockets turn inside out in a clothes dryer?

It's just because pockets can turn inside out from the action of the dryer.Some clothes dry best if they are put into the dryer inside out anyway.