How to Fix Car Brakes That Make a Scraping Sound?

Answer Brake pads are designed to squeal under normal conditions when the pad material reaches a certain thickness. This squealing means it is time to replace the brake pads and perform periodic maintenan... Read More »

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Scraping sound under the bed?

its termites, they eat wood that makes the scraping sound, they are eating the wood of your bed, you will never find them. No big deal

How to Diagnose a Screeching Sound When Applying a Car's Brakes?

If you're driving around one day and you hear an awful screeching or grinding when you apply your brakes, don't ignore it. Among the possible causes are worn brake pads, which constitute both a maj... Read More »

How to Get Over a Curb Without Scraping?

Learning to maneuver over curbs and bumps and up hills while driving can be a tricky process. If you have a car that is low to the ground, has a hitch on the back or is heavy with the weight of mul... Read More »

How to Keep the Floor Boards From Scraping on a Harley Fat Boy?

Riding a motorcycle does not come naturally; riding skills are learned and developed through practice. While a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is a motorcycle with low ground clearance, as most Harleys are... Read More »