How to Fix Car Brake Lights?

Answer It is important to keep your vehicle's brake lights functioning well. Brake lights serve as a guide to the driver behind you to brake when you are slowing your car down. Malfunctioning brake lights... Read More »

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How to Install LED Brake Lights and Turn Lights?

The process of installing LED brake and turn lights on your vehicle is the same as installing regular halogen lights. The only difference is that an LED light assembly is required. LED lights are b... Read More »

How to Wire Brake Lights From Third Brake Light?

Customizing cars is a finicky thing. Sometimes you need to make things work when you only have limited resources. In this case, we're talking about wiring up brake lights from a single source, the ... Read More »

About Brake Lights?

Most cars today have three brake lights: two incorporated with the tail lights and blinkers, and the third brake light set higher on the car, usually in the rear window. There are a number of diffe... Read More »

DIY LED Brake Lights?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) brake lights can add a unique look to the vehicle. LEDs are durable, bright and allow the user to create a custom pattern for the light. Ensure the brightest LED lights a... Read More »