How to Fix Bolts?

Answer When fixing your car or something around the home, you may need to reuse a bolt which has been stripped, which means that the threads have been deformed or damaged. You could replace the bolt with... Read More »

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How to Fix Flush Bolts?

Bolts that have broken off flush with the surface of a part need to removed and replaced with a new fastener. Most flush bolts break because of seizing from corrosion. To remove the broken bolt, yo... Read More »

How do I use washers& bolts?

EquipmentEnsure that you are using the right washer for the job. Don't use a washer to allow a bolt to fit in an otherwise too big hole. Use a lock washer if you need a secure connection.SetupPlace... Read More »

How to Tap for Galvanized Bolts?

Tapping a hole in metal for a galvanized bolt does not differ much from tapping a hole for a standard uncoated bolt. When you read a drilling and tapping chart, you will notice that there are diffe... Read More »

How to Install Bed Bolts?

Bed bolts hold the frame of many styles of beds together by allowing you fasten the bed rails to the posts in the end pieces of the bed. Glider futon frames often use the same design to connect the... Read More »