How to Fix Body Rust?

Answer Removing body rust is necessary to keep a vehicle looking good and in mint condition. Rust easily forms on cars; the rust-inhibiting protective layer wears off leaving the car prone to deterioratio... Read More »

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Can You Use a Brillo Pad on Car Body Rust?

Brillo is a brand name for steel wool pads impregnated with a detergent material. They are typically used to remove stuck-on grease and food matter from pots and pans but are also highly useful for... Read More »

How to Remove Body Rust?

Rust occurs for several reasons. Water, heat or salt can cause rust to form over a vehicle's body. There are steps that you can take to prevent the development of rust, such as keeping the car as d... Read More »

How to Stop Body Rust?

Exposure of a metal surface to oxygen and water causes it to rust. The resultant structural damage can be substantial and extensive if left unchecked. In addition to the structural damage, rust can... Read More »

How to Do Body Work on Rust?

Wear and tear can take their toll on body panels of cars or trucks. Most body panels are made of sheet metal, but some are also made of fiberglass. Rust becomes a part of the body panel when the me... Read More »