How to Fix Analog Sticks on Dual Shock 2 Controller for PS2?

Answer The Playstation 2 is a great console.It's controller has a problem: the analogue sticks. Do this simple test to determine if the sticks are repairable:

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Will a Sony Dual Shock 2 work on a PlayStation 1?

Yes, the Dual Shock 2 works on a Playstation 1 system. Just plug the controller into the PS1 controller port and press the analog button to turn the analog function "On" or "Off" for specific games... Read More »

How to Run System Shock 2 on Windows XP Dual Core?

System Shock 2, a hybrid first-person shooter and role-playing game, was released for the PC in 1999. As with most games released before Windows XP, which came in 2001, users may have trouble getti... Read More »

Is it ok to run 3 memory sticks with 4 slots in total in dual channel mode?

I think its fine because if they have put it there then it must be used and the manufactures also know that consumers are not geek and they will put more than two rams in the slot , they have desig... Read More »

How to Enter Cheats on Guitar Hero2 With Dual Shock?

Guitar Hero 2 SetWhen playing Guitar Hero 2, entering cheat codes with the dual shock controller is very simple to do.