How to Fix Aluminum Corrosion on a Motorcycle's Surface?

Answer Motorcycles typically come with parts made from aluminum or aluminum alloy. Such parts include wheel rims, draft tubes, carburetor bodies, engine, clutch and transmission cases, rocker panels and o... Read More »

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You are using aluminum pots which the surface has come off in the dishwasher is this health risk and could it give you aluminum poisoning?

Answer If the surface that is coming off is teflon (typically gray or black in color), you need to throw the pots away and replace them. There is some evidence that ingesting teflon is not safe.

How to Dissolve Corrosion on Aluminum?

Corrosion on aluminum surfaces --- whether it involves aircraft, boats or automotive parts --- can be easily noticed. The corrosion appears as a white dust. Corrosion occurs when the surface has be... Read More »

How to Measure Aluminum Corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural process that occurs to metals when they are exposed to the elements. Like most metals, aluminum becomes oxidized when exposed to the air for long periods of time and the chem... Read More »

Ways to Measure Aluminum Corrosion for a Science Project?

The corrosion of aluminum is often studied in regards to power plants to make sure that their structure or products will not erode before the plants are done using them. Although the study of alumi... Read More »