How to Fit an X-Trail Replacement Taillight Bulb?

Answer The Nissan X-Trail is an SUV sold in several parts of the world, although it is not sold in the U.S.. The X-Trail does share many components with U.S. Nissan vehicles, so tail light replacement and... Read More »

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Where can i find my replacement bulb for my projector fujix p701 bulb p/n is L130WU?

Home depot, or lowes probably has one, but if not, check online.

Is there an LED bulb replacement for a jcd type GY8 pin halogen bulb?

Currently, there are no LED replacements for any JCD type bulbs.

How to Change a Taillight Bulb in a Thunderbird?

Replacing the taillight bulbs in the latest Ford Thunderbird model takes about 10 minutes and requires only a a set of pliers. Taillight bulbs generally last 18 to 24 months but may failure earlier... Read More »

How to Change a Thunderbird's Taillight Bulb?

The taillight bulbs in a Ford Thunderbird mount inside the rear tail lamps. To access these bulbs, you must open the trunk. These bulbs have a long service life and generally last for 12 to 24 mont... Read More »