How to Fit a Security Chain?

Answer A security chain allows you to open the door slightly to identify and talk to visitors, and gives your door some reinforcement when closed.

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What chain of government comes after homeland security?

How long does it take to process secret clearance adjudication by Dept of Homeland Security and Dept of Justice.?

What is chain of command from secretary of homeland security on down?

Is an inherent responsibility of every level of government.

In cutting some branches off tree with my chainsaw the the chain pop ed off the chain bar.?

If you are talking about the chain being tangled, just keep trying it will come out. Now if the chain is bent, replace it, don't waste your time trying to straighten the bent links.

My lil Brother dropped his chain down our bathroom sink. His chain is Dog Tags. Well anyways how can I get it?

I've had pretty good luck with a spool of 18 guage wire and a pair of wire cutters. Put a hook at the end and go fishing down the drain. 18 guage is sturdy enough to pull stuff up, but flexible ... Read More »