How to Fit a Drive Belt on a 2005 Ford Focus?

Answer The Ford Focus had been in production for a few years by 2005, but only minor changes and improvements were made, and the newer models still looked like the original. The 2005 Focus was still avail... Read More »

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How to Fit a Drive Belt for a Ford Focus?

The drive belt or serpentine belt on a Ford Focus has no time or mileage criteria for replacement. The most effective way to ascertain the functionality of the belt is to inspect it for cracks in t... Read More »

How to Replace My Serpentine Belt Tensioner on a 2005 Focus?

The serpentine belt tensioner consists of a tensioner pulley, tensioner arm and spring-loaded hub. The purpose of the tensioner is to hold proper tension on the serpentine belt to prevent it from c... Read More »

Where is the PCV valve on a Ford Focus 2005 2.0l?

The positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV valve) is an emissions control device that draws fumes from the crankcase using the vacuum of the intake manifold. On a 2005 Ford Focus, the PCV valve ... Read More »

How do I Add a Tach to a 2005 Ford Focus?

With American designing, the Ford Focus comes manufactured as a five-door wagon, a three-door hatchback, a four-door sedan, and as a five-door hatchback. When customizing the interior of the Ford F... Read More »