How to Fit Shower Valves?

Answer Shower valves--also called mixer valves--have the job of mixing the hot and cold water before it flows up to the brass shower head fitting, and out through the shower head. It is attached either by... Read More »

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Who makes Mixet shower valves?

Mixet brand shower valves have been produced under trademark since 1967 by Michigan-based Brass-Craft Manufacturing Company, which makes water stops, gas valves, gas and water connectors, and a var... Read More »

Can Moen shower valves interchange?

Moen brand offers the PosiTemp® and the Moentrol® tub and shower valve at common connection sizes, such as ½" CC/sweat, ½" IPS-threaded; ½" PEX or CPVC. Both types of valves share qualities s... Read More »

How to Adjust Moen Shower Temperature Valves?

Moen showers allow you to set your own water temperature by controlling the movement of the handle on your shower faucet. The limit stop, a round dial-shaped part underneath the handle, limits the ... Read More »

How to Remove Retainer Clips From Single-Handle Shower Faucet Valves?

Many shower valves work with the help of a cartridge. The cartridge turns left and right, controlling the flow of water from the shower head. A stuck cartridge may have excessive buildup of calcium... Read More »