How to Fit Seat Leon Headlights?

Answer The Seat Leon is a Spanish-engineered hatchback with five doors. The Leon's headlights are prone to crack or break as a result of a front-end collision. Once the head lights are broken they must b... Read More »

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How to Remove Headlights in a SEAT Leon?

Manufactured in conjunction with Volkswagen, the SEAT Leon is a compact and sporty five-door hatchback with Spanish engineering. The headlights will need to be removed from the Leon when they are d... Read More »

Seat leon is burning blue smoke?

I'd say that remap didn't go so well. Or your turbo is putting engine oil into the intake or exhaust.

Did Leon win because of his looks?

Leon won because of Kylie's looks. Rhydian was far more talented. But leon won for a no. of reasons.1) The phone lines were a fix.2) Leon is more "normal" than rhydian, personally i like the indivi... Read More »

Where does the surname'de Leon'come from?

The Spanish surname de Leon is derived from the Spanish city of Leon, so called because it headquartered a Roman legion, the "7th Legio Gemina," until 410 A.D., according to The Internet Surname D... Read More »