How to Fit Golf Clubs?

Answer If you feel like your golf game needs improvement, you may need to pay more attention to the golf clubs you use. To compete at your very best, you need to fit your golf clubs to both your personal ... Read More »

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How to Protect Your Golf Clubs With a Golf Travel Case?

If you're thinking about taking a golf vacation, or just bringing your clubs along on your next business trip, one of the best investments you can make is a Golf Travel Case. These cases come in tw... Read More »

How many clubs are in a golf set?

The rules of golf allow a golfer to carry 14 clubs in his bag. Which and how many clubs are up to the golfer, but a typical golf set includes a club for teeing off, a putter, four long clubs for h... Read More »

How to Buff Golf Clubs?

Attention golfers. How would you like to improve your golf game? You can start by buffing your clubs. Dirty golf clubs can be just as much to blame for a bad score on the links as a poorly-executed... Read More »

Can golf clubs be fitted after you buy them?

Although it is ideal to have your golf clubs custom fit before purchasing them, you can have them re-fit after you've bought them. Your existing clubs can be re-fit and redesigned and will play "li... Read More »