How to Fit Any Carpet in Your Car?

Answer Installing carpet in a car can be a physically draining task, but when it's done correctly, has high rewards. Contrary to popular belief, it's possible to install pretty much any carpet into a car;... Read More »

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Decoratively speaking, does your carpet match your drapes?

Do your curtains match your carpet?

Yes! Well, my curtains are starting to get some white in them, but I dyed them. If my carpet begins to fade, I will be very, very sad.

Ironing shorts on carpet, carpet gets burned onto part of iron...?

Sorry the fibers have been melted. You might have a carpet installer cut out the melted area if you have some spare carpet.

If a neighbor's burst pipe damaged our carpet can they be liable for carpet replacement?

Yes, your neighbor is at fault unless your actions contributed to the rupture.