How to Fish in Florida?

Answer Florida offers a unique variety of fishing experiences, from bluewater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, to surf fishing the Atlantic Ocean, to freshwater river and lake fishing for largemouth bass, c... Read More »

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How to Identify Florida Freshwater Fish?

Florida fish range from tiny bait fish to massive sailfish, and while it's easy enough to tell a sailfish from a tiny minnow, other species prove harder to identify. Several fish characteristics va... Read More »

How to Identify Saltwater Fish in Florida?

Florida's tidal waters are home to hundreds of salt water fish, many of which are similar in shape and appearance. Properly identifying fish is important to ensure that you are obeying regulations ... Read More »

How to Bass Fish With Alligators in Florida?

Florida is a prime location to fish for bass, but you'll most likely be in the presence of alligators while you are there. Alligators are rarely a threat to humans, but it is important to take prec... Read More »

How do I Get a Fish Breeder's License in Florida?

To breed and sell fish in Florida, you need an aquaculture certificate of registration from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. You need one if you have an aquafarm that br... Read More »