How to Fish Without Line or Bait?

Answer Fishing without a line or bait is often referred to as dopper fishing. This method is still employed in the Amazon and is by far one of the most effective ways of catching fish.(This method should ... Read More »

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Fish Tank Care Tips for Bait Fish?

Bait fish are notoriously finicky and difficult to keep alive. But there is no doubt that the benefits of fishing with live bait far outweigh the downside. Fortunately, there are a number of things... Read More »

What does fish or cut bait mean?

"Fish or cut bait" is an idiomatic American expression that means make a decision to do something or give up, rather than sit on the fence, undecided. The phrase originated in the 1800s.References:... Read More »

How to Keep Bait Fish Alive?

There is no doubt that artificial lures catch fish, but sometimes there is simply no substitute for the real thing. Live bait fish can give any fisherman a serious advantage, which is exactly why t... Read More »

How to Walleye Fish With Live Bait?

Walleye belong to the perch family. They get their name from a layer of light-reflective pigment, known as the tapetum lucidum, that helps them see well at night. Walleye often use their keen eye... Read More »