How to Firm Your Buttocks Fast?

Answer Whether you are getting in shape for summer or need to tone, the buttocks area is one of the more challenging parts of the body to firm up. Exercises that target the buttocks will bring encouragin... Read More »

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How to Prevent Pimples on Your Buttocks?

Pimples can occur anywhere on the body, including the buttocks. Some people are simply more prone to pimples on the buttocks than others. Because pimples are often due to excess oil, grime and bact... Read More »

Is it common to have pain in your lower back and in the middle of your buttocks area and how long does it last What can you do to help with this?

Answer It is extremely common in pregnancy to have pain in these places. The progesterone relaxes all your ligaments to allow the pelvis to alter shape slightly to allow the baby through. Unfort... Read More »

What is wrong if your buttocks hurt a lot and you can barely walk?

With my past experience I have found out that at 14 years old that I had what is called Degenerative Disc Disease in which the disc in between your vertebrae may become compressed as the disc loses... Read More »

Do you clench your buttocks when you feel the need to pass gas in a public place?

Yes but, let it all out man, let it all out.