How to Fire a Rifle?

Answer Firing a rifle for the first time can be a bit confusing, but this article will help clear that up. This will tell you all about loading, aiming and firing a rifle.

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How to Fire a BB Gun Rifle?

BB gun rifles are dangerous weapons when the person operating it does not know how to use it. Learning with proper instruction how to safely operate a BB gun should be the first thing you do before... Read More »

How to Successfully Aim and Fire a Rifle?

Here you will learn how to aim and fire a rifle hitting your target successfully.

Can i fire 5.56 ammo in a .223 rifle?

The military 5.56mm cartridge can be fired in a .223 chambered rifle. However, experience in interchanging these cartridges has shown higher-than-normal chamber pressures and possible hazards for t... Read More »

How to Fire an L98 Cadet Rifle?

L98 Gallery RangeThese rifles are used at barrack ranges and gallery ranges - always outdoors. they look very much like SA80's but are not fully automatic. They have a magazine, iron sights, and a ... Read More »