How to Finish the Book the Day Before the Quiz?

Answer Everyone's done it at least once- I mean you have better things to do than homework, but when you panic because you've forgotten about that book due tomorrow, what do you do? Time to hit that book ... Read More »

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What is the UK copyright law regarding copying popular tv quiz show formats in a not for profit quiz book eg the hexagons and initials from Blockbusters?

This is likely to be considered a derivative work, which would require permission from the producers of Blockbusters. Even though your project is not for profit, you may wish to talk to an attorney.

How to Pass a Book Quiz Without Finishing the Book?

You have an outside reading book due that week. You're sure that it's due that Thursday, so when you're only done with half the book, you can go to sleep on Sunday night without any worries. Then i... Read More »

How to Read a Book & Take a Quiz?

Teachers use a variety of techniques, including quizzes, to encourage their students to read the books for a particular course. Quizzes offset a habit that may students have of procrastinating or n... Read More »

How to Finish Writing Your Book?

You're half way through your new book, but suddenly everything is going wrong - you're losing your will to continue, you're running out of ideas and you're panicking. Should you continue? If so, ho... Read More »