How to Finish a Square Braid?

Answer Braiding with craft laces or cords can produce lanyards. The square braid is a series of box stitches that form a four-sided lanyard. A lanyard is one of the most basic braiding crafts, making it i... Read More »

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What is the cost per square foot to paint the exterior of a 1600 square foot clapboard siding house in cranston r.i. with trim 2 story2 dormers 12 windows light colors scrape sand prim finish?

Answer This question is way to vague. Is the house one or two levels? Number of dormers? Colors? Windows? Siding condition? Obviously you will need to be much more specific.

How to do a Square Braid?

The square braid is a type of braid that uses four lengths of hair or lanyard or whatever material you are tying together. Like any braiding technique, square braiding involves interweaving multipl... Read More »

How to Do a Paracord Square Weave Braid Rope?

Paracord rope combines multiple pieces of parachute cord together with a braid to form a single rope. As each strand of cord is rated to support between 450 and 550 pounds (in cords called 450 cord... Read More »

How many square feet will one gallon of floor finish cover?

The amount of coverage varies depending on the product manufacturer and application needs and instructions. Waterlox, a manufacturer of floor finishes, claims its finishes will cover 500 square fee... Read More »