How to Finish Seams on Soft Toys?

Answer Seams of toys that are going to be played with a lot need to be strong. Use a stitch that you are confident will hold the soft toy together and follow these hints.

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Why are soft toys given to children?

soft toys are given to children because hard toys can chock them or hurt them. children are safer with soft toys. soft toys cannot injure them in any way.

How to Add Eyes to Soft Toys?

Although making eyes for soft toys is fairly straightforward, it is helpful to consider the range of different possibilities for adding eyes. You can change the personality of a soft toy according ... Read More »

How to Dry Soft Toys on the Clothes Line?

Oh not the peg marks again!After washing the children's favourite soft toys, just how to you hang them up to dry? You could try using an ear, arm, or leg but leaving clothes peg (clothes pin) marks... Read More »

How to Freshen Stale or Musty Soft Toys?

Soft toys can become musty or stale if left at the bottom of wardrobes, toy boxes, or stuffed in corners here and there. To freshen them up, try this baking soda method.