How to Find wikiHow Pages That Need Editing?

Answer Wikis are perpetually incomplete and forever in need of improvement. Here are a few ways to find wikiHow pages that need editing:

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How to Do One Handed Editing on wikiHow?

No place for the keyboard!Sometimes, you just aren't up to any heavy editing (or your cat is in the way). You can still do some work on wikiHow.

How to Do Drive By Editing While Patrolling wikiHow?

At times, an article may need a lot of work. However, it does not need to be improved all at once. Here are a few ways to do drive-by editing while patrolling Recent Changes:

How to Get Started Editing and Writing on wikiHow?

This is a guide for the new user from your first anonymous edit all the way to advanced tasks. This is a fairly comprehensive page for a beginner, and hopefully answers most of the questions you ha... Read More »

How to Use Notetab Light While Editing or Patrolling wikiHow?

You find that you have a lot of hats since you started 'working' for wikiHow. It isn't always easy to keep them straight or to remember what codes go where. Well, the use of Notetab Light with its ... Read More »