How to Find the Y-Intercept on a Parabola on a TI-83 Plus?

Answer The y-intercept is the location in which the graph of a function crosses the y-axis. The y-axis is the vertical axis on a graph. A parabola may have x and y-intercepts and the standard form of a pa... Read More »

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How to Find the X-Intercept of a Parabola?

In algebraic terms, a parabola is the visual representation of the result of a quadratic function on a graph. It is a U-shaped curve defined by perfect vertical symmetry. A common problem in algebr... Read More »

How to Find the Slope X-Intercept & Y-Intercept for More Than One Line on a Graph?

When you are graphing lines, you must know certain information. The slope, x-intercept and y-intercept serve as integral parts of the line equation and tell you valuable information about the place... Read More »

How to Find Slope With the Given X-Intercept & Y-Intercept?

The x-intercept and y-intercept of a line are the points at which the line crosses the x and y axes. Given these two points, you can find the slope of the line. There is a specific formula for find... Read More »

How to Find the X Coordinates of a Parabola on a TI 83?

In math classes through high school and college, you will frequently have to graph quadratic equations, or equations of the form y=ax2+bx+c, and identify points on the equations. Fortunately, your ... Read More »